Novel: [ˈnävəl]

novel (adjective)

New or Unusual in a interesting way.

Synonyms: Different, Fresh, Creative, Original, Unusual, Innovative, Rare, UNIQUE.

At NovelMe, we know that you are one of a kind, rare, and unique. The various chapters of life can present serious challenges to your mental health making coping difficult. Our perspective views each individual as whole and we help you put the chapters of your life together, to make sense of the things that are challenging you. You are the expert on YOU, we are the experts on evidence based methods to support you in developing awareness and bringing about change in your life.

Mental health concerns do not discriminate based on any demographic.

NovelMe strives to dismantel the stigma of therapy and mental illness to ensure that people, especially BIPOC have a safe place to learn, grown, and start that new chapter of life. For too long mental illness has been something to hide, cover, and pray away with no recorse when those approaches are ineffective. Representation matters. Culture matters. Race matters. Gender matters. You matter.

Mission Statement

NovelMe is a private practice counseling and consultation agency for mental health, substance use, and developmental disabilities. NovelMe is dedicated to networking, collaborating, educating, and addressing the needs of the community. It is our core belief that every person deserves compassion, encouragement, and respect regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, or cultural background.

The Difference

Our unique approach to treatment fosters an environment that allows the development of a therapeutic relationship. We do not simply address a diagnosis, but the individual. We believe and truly strive to never judge a book by its cover. By remaining inquisitive our Clinicians are able to assist individuals with exploring, investigating, and learning about their past and present, to create change in their future.